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Visit https://www.hoopladigital.com/ to get started or download the Hoopla app to your device from your app store. Take a look at the Hoopla LibGuide for more information. When asked to select a library enter Delaware Libraries.


What is it? 

Hoopla is another digital media service that is being offered by Delaware Public Libraries. What makes Hoopla different from Overdrive and Libby is that there are no wait times for items. You are allowed to borrow 4 items a month.

Why should I use Hoopla if I am using Overdrive/Libby?

Hoopla has no wait times. Both services offer different materials. Some ebooks and audiobooks will be able to be found on one service while not on the other. Hoopla is great for audiobooks, comic books, movies, music, and television shows. 

How can I use Hoopla with my e-ink e-reader (like my Kindle Paperwhite e-reader)? 

Unfortunately, the ability to send ebooks to an e-reader is unavailable at this time with Hoopla. You can only download the ebook to your computer or the device where the Hoopla app is installed.

Can I use Hoopla without making an account?

In order to access Hoopla and borrow items, you must make an account with Hoopla.

Can I download audiobooks instead of streaming them?

Yes, you can download the audiobook to your device instead of streaming it. After you borrow an item, there will be a "Download to your device" option displayed below where you press borrowed. 


Hoopla Tutorials on YouTube:

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For help check out the Help Section on Hoopla Digital, contact Ask a Librarian, or give us a call at 302-436-8195