The Selbyville Public Library will offer Computer by Appointment in addition to Curbside Pickup. Beginning September 15th, patrons will be able to make an appointment to use computers and equipment for SELF SERVICE scanning, faxing, copying, and printing.


Computer by Appointment is available during the following hours:

Tuesday: 10am - 2pm

Thursday: 2pm - 6 pm


Computer by Appointment Procedure:

  1. Call the library to schedule your appointment (302)436-8195.
  2. We will ask you questions about what equipment you will need to use and if any other people will be joining you.
  3. Arrive at the library at your scheduled time.
  4. Enter the building at the door by the wheelchair ramp.
  5. Upon entering, please sanitize your hands.
  6. Staff will direct you to your area.


Please be aware that:

  • Your appointment will last 45 minutes.  If you need more time, you will have to schedule another appointment on a different day.
  • Our collection is still closed, so you will not be able to browse for books or DVDs during your appointment.   
  • Per Governor Carney’s State of Emergency Order, face coverings are required for everyone kindergarten aged and above on library property.  For more information on the Governor’s order, visit the site here.   
  • Face coverings and social distancing are required on all library property, even outside.
  • Staff is required to maintain social distancing, even when providing assistance.  Therefore, our ability to help in some situations will be limited.
  • We expect you to stay home if you do not feel well.  The use of our services is not worth risking the health of the library staff and others around you.  We will be happy to reschedule your appointment if you do not feel well.



Printing: .25 per page b/w. .50 per page color

Copying: .25 per page b/w. .50 per page color

Faxing: .50 per page (cash only self-service fax machine using the kiosk)

Scanning: Free

Faxing is coins and cash only using the kiosk (small bills only). 

Printing is cash/coins (small bills only) at the kiosk or our new credit card machine.

Copying is coins/cash or credit.



What measures has the library taken to ensure safety? 

  • The library has enhanced its regular cleaning regimen and has adopted quarterly electrostatic disinfection.  Staff members frequently clean touched surfaces, wear masks and gloves, and practice social distancing.  All computer areas and bathrooms will be regularly disinfected.  Computer keyboards are covered in plastic, which will be changed after each use.

Why do I have to wear a mask if I’m outside?

  • The Governor’s order requires the use of masks in public places.  Our outdoor areas are included in that condition.  The library is beginning to plan in-person programs for our outdoor spaces.  In order for us to do this safely, we must ask everyone to wear a mask to protect each other.    

I have a medical condition that prohibits me from wearing a mask.  Can I still come in to the library and attend outdoor programs without one?

  • If you are unable to wear a mask, you will not be permitted to enter the library or to be on library property.  Please call the library so that we can determine the best way to help you. 

When will the library open completely?

  • We don’t know. We will be acting with guidance from the Delaware Division of Libraries, Sussex County Department of Libraries, and the Selbyville Public Library Board of Commissioners as we continue to move forward.