Current Hours:

Monday: 10AM - 4PM
Tuesday 10AM - 4PM
Wednesday: 12PM - 6PM 
Thursday: 12PM - 6PM 
Friday: 10AM - 4PM
    • Browsing and computer use are available during all open hours.
    • Patrons can receive up to 10 free black and white pages FOR FREE until October 2021

Curbside Service:

Curbside is available daily at all times listed above if desired.
    • Wireless printing is available during all open hours. Call for assistance.
    • Chromebooks and WiFi hotspots are available to check out. Call us for more information, 302-436-8195.

Important Reminder:

Due to the variety of people we serve, the library still encourages mask wearing. We will not inquire about any of our patrons’ vaccination statuses; therefore, we will trust our patrons to be honest when choosing not to wear a mask. Curbside pickup will continue for anyone who wants to use it. If you need to access any additional library services that require entering the building but do not feel comfortable, please contact the library to speak to a staff member. We are not ready yet for meeting room or reading room use by the public.