Selbyville Public Library Guest Pass Policy

Guest Passes for computer use are for library patrons who are visiting from out of state.  A patron may obtain a Guest Pass three times in one year, after which they will be required to apply for a Delaware Library Card or purchase a Guest Pass. 

To obtain a Guest Pass, one of the following documentation must be provided at every visit. No Exceptions.

What we will accept:

Current, Valid - Out-of-State Driver’s License

Current, Valid – Out-of-State State ID

Passport (US or international)

Military ID of service men and women currently serving and away from home. (Photo ID)

Because parents must consent for their children to use a library card, only patrons over the age of 18 can obtain a Guest Pass. Parents may get a guest pass and sit with their child.

Any exceptions or unique situations will require approval from the Director. If the Director is not available that day, the patron will have to come back another time.

Guest Passes for Purchase

$3.00 for 45 minutes

$1.00 for an additional 15 minutes