By entering a Sussex County library, you are making a commitment to act courteously toward others; to act respectfully with regard to public property and to follow all rules of this facility.   Library users will conduct themselves so that they will not interfere, by actions or speech, with the legitimate rights of other library users.  In order to enjoy the library and allow others the same opportunity, the library has established the following rules:

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, age 18 or over
  • Follow posted computer Acceptable Use Policy
  • Keep noise/activity to a low level that allows others in area to work/function successfully
  • Shoes and shirts required
  • Service animals welcome
  • Silence cell phones and take calls in lobby or outside
  • Only covered non-alcoholic beverages allowed
  • Follow specific posted rules for the Teen and Children’s library areas
  • Adult patrons in the children/teen areas who are not engaged in a library activity that uses children/young adult materials nor are caregivers for a child/teen may be asked to relocate to other library areas.


In order to provide a friendly and safe environment, the following is NOT PERMITTED in the library or on the grounds:

  • Engaging in any activity in violation of federal, state, local or other applicable law, regulations, ordinance or statute
  • Threatening, harassing, offensive, disruptive or intimidating language or behavior
  • Soliciting or sales of any type not related to library activities
  • Creating unjustified, intentional noise at a level which adversely affects any individuals who are working in the area and their ability to function


Adopted by Selbyville Public Library Board of Commissioners, March 19, 2015