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End of Watch

Adult FictionMystery
Stephen King
Conclusion to the trilogy involving Mr. Mercedes and Detective Bill Hodges.

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Library Journal:
/* Starred Review */ Brady Hartsfield awakens from a coma with terrible new powers, and the stage is set for the tense, thrilling conclusion to King's Bill Hodges trilogy (after Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers). After being put in the city's brain trauma center by Hodges and his partner, Holly Gibney, and condemned to a life as an invalid at the conclusion of Mr. Mercedes, the newly conscious Hartsfield discovers he can manipulate things—and people—with his mind. When people connected to the massacre in the first book  start committing suicide, Hodges races against time to find out why. One would assume that a writer like King, who has been on top of his game for decades, would eventually run out of ideas. Instead, he serves up one of the most original crime thrillers to come along in years, thanks to his trademark supernatural flair. However, the paranormal takes a backseat to a story that is essentially about human weakness, how easily one can be exploited, and the strength it takes simply to live. VERDICT A spectacular, pulse-pounding, read-in-one-sitting wrap-up that will more than satisfy King's Constant Readers (as he addresses his fans before and after almost every book ). [See Prepub Alert, 12/7/15.] --Tyler Hixson (Reviewed 05/15/2016) (Library Journal, vol 141, issue 9, p67)

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