New Arrival 2016-06-08

Josh Baxter Levels Up

Gavin Brown
Starting at a new school for the third time in two years, video game enthusiast and disgruntled new kid Josh Baxter becomes an accidental enemy to his middle school's football star before his poor grades cause him to lose his gaming privileges

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Grades 5-8 Underachiever Josh sees the world as a video game. He is entering his third school in two years, and it’s game on. Unfortunately, he unlocks two useless skills: Summon Bully and Impenetrable Aura of Stupidity. Worse, a dismal school progress report prompts his widowed mom to take away his computer privileges. But Josh is determined to climb up from noob level. An attempt to stand up to hulking Mitten Monster (aka football star and school bully Henry Mittens Schmittendorf) earns him an in-school suspension, but when he teams up with classmate Punk Princess Maya, a fellow gamer, he unlocks numerous useful interpersonal skills, improves his study habits, and takes on the Mitten Monster at the school’s Video Game Decathlon. His progress is tracked on scoring charts throughout, and by the end, Josh has climbed to Pencil-Slinging Hero and maybe found the skills he needs to ask Maya to the holiday dance. The gamer theme and the inclusion of various digital diversions add a charge to this upbeat fitting-in story. -- Peters, John (Reviewed 12-15-2015) (Booklist, vol 112, number 8, p54)

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