New Arrival 2016-06-08

Hensel & Gretel, Ninja Chicks

Corey Rosen Schwartz
Ninja sisters Hensel and Gretel must rescue their parents from the cornbread cottage of a wily fox.

Book Description

Grades K-2 The classic fairy tale gets a fowl-focused, martial-arts makeover in this jaunty picture book . Hensel (She’s a chicken. Get it?) and Gretel’s parents are all aflutter thanks to news of a wolf in their village. The brave young chicks take it upon themselves to master ninjutsu at the dojo, and it’s going to come in handy. They return home to find their parents missing and a trail of fox prints leading toward the forest, where they come upon a house made of cornbread. Hensel digs in, and, naturally, she gets added to the fox’s menu. Gretel, meanwhile, sneaks around the kerneled roof and stealthily drops in just in time to save her sister and parents. Schwartz and Gomez’s lively limericks tell the story in a swift, kicky rhythm, while Santat’s dynamic, warm-toned, and action-filled illustrations throw a nice nod to kung-fu movies. With a twist on the usual ending—the chicken family goes on to sneakily protect feathered friends with their ninja moves—this will especially delight little ones familiar with the original tale. -- Hunter, Sarah (Reviewed 4/1/2016) (Booklist, vol 112, number 15, p75)

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