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The Murder of Mary Russell

Adult FictionMystery
Laurie R. King
orried about Mary Russell? Well, you should be. She’s opened her door to the wrong man and deeply troubling secrets are set to tumble out, rewriting her history and putting herself and the people she loves in a dangerous spot. Once again, King spins a tantalizing tale of deception and misdirection for her readers’ delight and scores a direct hit in her latest Russell-Holmes mystery. -- Deborah Walsh for LibraryReads.

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/* Starred Review */ King forswears the  foreign intrigue that's increasingly dominated her Sherlock -ian pastiches (Dreaming Spies, 2015, etc.) to return to the  great man's roots, which are surprisingly intertwined with those of  his longtime landlady. An apparently innocent knock at the  door of the  retired Holmes ' farmhouse brings his wife, Mary Russell , face to face with a  rough-hewn Australian who announces himself as Samuel Hudson, the  long-unacknowledged son of Holmes ' housekeeper, and  then pulls a  gun. While Russell  awaits her chance for the  counterattack she knows will be necessary to save her life, King flashes back a  generation, using a  few suggestions from the  Conan Doyle story "The  Adventure of the  Gloria Scott" to spin out the  adventures of  Sam's mother, Clarissa Hudson. Beginning even before her birth, the  story follows the  romance of  Clarissa's parents, an Edinburgh governess and a  London thief; the  girl's early years in Australia as her father's trained accomplice in a  series of  increasingly lucrative "Cheats"; her repeated attempts to make something of  herself, usually by trading on her improbable gifts for assuming different personalities; and the  fateful moment when her path crosses that of the  young Sherlock Holmes , who transforms her into Clara Hudson and  sets her life along a  profoundly different path. When the  story finally returns to the  present, both Holmes and Russell  will have a  chance to shine; in fact, the  case achieves a  rare balance between Holmes , Russell , and the  mystery they've been set. The  real star, however, is Clarissa Hudson, whose touching, remarkable, and  wholly absorbing life story offers not only a  high point in King's long-running series, but a  compelling demonstration of the  ways inventive writers can continue to breathe new life into the Holmes -ian mythology. Canny readers will know not to take the  come-on of  King's teasing title at face value; the  unwary deserve all the  additional shocks they'll get.(Kirkus Reviews, February 1, 2016)


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