New Arrival 2016-04-21

The Last Mile

Adult FictionMystery
David Baldacci
ollowing Memory Man, #1 NYT bestselling author David Baldacci returns with his next thriller featuring detective Amos Decker.

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Amos Decker, Baldacci's hulking former NFL player and one-time police investigator, is back for a case involving death row inmates, a brutal double murder, and a shattered sports career. When readers first met Amos Decker, he was a socially inept giant mired in the  past; his wife, daughter, and brother-in-law were brutally murdered in Decker's own home. Living out of a tiny motel room and working as a private investigator, Decker finally solved their murders and helped the  FBI put a relentless killer to bed. Now, Decker has reported for duty at a special FBI unit to work cold cases. Commanded by Special Agent Ross Bogart, the  unit includes journalist Alexandra Jamison, clinical psychologist Lisa Davenport, and the  sullen Todd Milligan, an FBI field agent. The  team reports for their first day of duty and almost immediately travels from Quantico to Texas to work the  case of a former NFL shoo-in, Melvin Mars, who—on the  brink of the  pro football draft—was arrested, charged, and convicted of killing his parents. But on the  eve of Mars' execution, another man in another state, also on death row, confesses to killing the  pair. Upon their arrival in Texas, the  team from Quantico finds the  case against Mars makes less and less sense. When readers first met Decker, he was maladjusted and brilliant, his NFL career cut short by a vicious hit that altered his life and left him with perfect recall. And it was his incredible memory that solved his cases. This new, improved, vanilla Decker is less interesting than the  damaged hero Baldacci first introduced. And while the  case starts out with plenty of potential, Decker's incredible memory really isn't flexed much here, so it's ultimately solved by ordinary detective work. Riddled with implausible situations and light on the  research, this plodding tale is for die-hard Baldacci fans only.(Kirkus Reviews, March 1, 2016)

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