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The Winter Girl

Adult Fiction
Matt Marinovich
Attending a terminally ill parent during a Hamptons winter, Scott and Elise confront a growing dissatisfaction with their marriage that prompts a spiral of bad decisions made to reignite lost passion. By the author of Strange Skies.

Book Description

Scott and Elise are spending a depressing December in the Hamptons, where Elise’s father is dying a drawn-out death. Her brother is in prison, so Elise has the main responsibility for the old man's care. Meanwhile, Scott, an out-of-work photographer, becomes obsessed with the empty beach house next door. One day, to escape the gloom, he decides to break into the house as a lark. What he discovers is not fun and games. (Well, there are some games.) When Elise finds out what he’s been up to and follows him over, they unearth evidence of a bloody crime. What exactly has been going on in the vacant home? And who is involved? This short, grim novel quickly spirals into depths of despair and violence that will leave readers seeking out their happy places, but the twists are clever and the pacing relentless. It contains very graphic depictions of sex and torture, so use caution when recommending—and perhaps offer a chaser of something nice: a few lighthearted cat mysteries, anyone? -- Vnuk, Rebecca (Reviewed 10-15-2015) (Booklist, vol 112, number 4, p24)

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