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The Art of War

Adult FictionMystery
Stephen Coonts
When newly appointed CIA director Jake Grafton hears murmurings of a Chinese plot to attack the US and assassinations of upper level goverment officials occur, he must investigate the threat and stop China.

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Publishers Weekly:
In bestseller Coonts’s superior military thriller, the murders—or attempted murders—of  several high-level Washington, D.C., government officials, including the CIA director and the FBI director, are a major concern for Jake Grafton, who becomes the interim CIA director, and CIA burglar Tommy Carmellini, last seen together in 2013’s Pirate Alley . Meanwhile, Chinese agents have planted a nuclear device in the waters of  the Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk, Va., close to the U.S. Navy’s largest base. Jake becomes aware that the Chinese are planning an attack, but he doesn’t know where. The primary story is Tommy’s, but Coonts smoothly juggles a large cast of  characters, each of  whom has a distinct voice. The action builds steadily to a satisfying conclusion. Tommy is damaged yet again, and Jake is still the iron-man leader that series fans could only wish to see in real life. Readers will look forward to Jake and Tommy’s further adventures. Agent: Deborah C. Grosvenor, Grosvenor Literary Agency. (Feb.) --Staff (Reviewed November 16, 2015) (Publishers Weekly, vol 262, issue 46, p)

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