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Hitler's forgotten children: a true story of the Lebensborn program and one woman's search for her r

Ingrid von Oelhafen
One of up to a half a million children stolen as part of the Nazi Lebensborn program, the author, taken to Germany and renamed Ingrid von Oelhafen, discovers the truth of her identity many years later after decades of tireless investigation during which she uncovered the awful crimes of the program and the path back to her place of birth.

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Library Journal:
Through this account, von Oelhafen, with the help of best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker Tate (coauthor, Diamonds at Dinner ), offers both a historical narrative and a personal memoir. The story follows von Oelhafen's life journey while presenting information about the rarely discussed Lebensborn, or "Fount of Life" program, which was created in the mid-1930s by Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi regime to preserve what was believed to be the master race of the Aryan Nation. During this period, many children in Nazi-occupied Germany deemed to have desirable racial traits were kidnapped from their homes and "Germanized" by adopted Nazi families. These children were given new names, falsified family histories, and fake documentation—von Oelhafen was one of these children. VERDICT This riveting, raw, and heart-wrenching story of misplaced identity and one woman's quest to find peace and hope in the darkest of times will intrigue a variety of readers interested in a mix of history nestled among personal memoir.— Marian Mays, Washington Talking Book  & Braille Lib., Seattle --Marian Mays (Reviewed February 1, 2016) (Library Journal, vol 141, issue 2, p83)

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