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Find Her

Adult FictionMystery
Lisa Gardener

Book Description

Flora Dane survived for 472 days while being held captive by a sexual predator. Kept in a coffin-sized pine box and slowly starved, she found herself grateful to be let out, even if it meant enduring physical and sexual abuse. After being rescued, she told her  story only once, to FBI victim advocate Samuel Keynes. Seven years later, she is still far from the carefree girl who was abducted while on spring break. She scares her  loving mother and brother with her  risky behavior. Boston detective D. D. Warren encounters Flora when D. D. is called to the scene of a brutal murder, apparently committed by Flora. Then she discovers that Flora has been involved in three previous incidents. D. D. is stumped: Why would a victim purposefully and repeatedly put herself in harm’s way? Gardner details the good work of an obscure FBI department while exploring the psychology of sexual predators as well as their victims. Like Karin Slaughter and Chelsea Cain, she turns an unflinching gaze on brutal acts of sexual exploitation. Disturbing reading from a veteran crime writer.HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: The combination of best-selling Gardner’s name recognition with the return of her  most popular character ensures the high visibility of her  latest work. -- Wilkinson, Joanne (Reviewed 12-15-2015) (Booklist, vol 112, number 8, p27)

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